First time in Nepal, first time trekking, unforgettable experience

Nepal is one of the most beautiful places to visit with fabulous landscapes, delightful mountains, and rich cultural sights. If you finally want to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime then Nepal will be the perfect place for you.  In this article, I will share my own experience of trekking in Nepal. Hope you will enjoy it.

My first time trekking in Nepal

First time in Nepal, first time trekking, unforgettable experienceWe, I and my friends were thinking about a tour as we were so much stressed with the works. At first, we were afraid about whether we can manage the time or not. But fortunately, we managed the break at the same time somehow.  Nepal was always a wonder to us. We were delighted by the beautiful and thrilling scenarios of Nepal for a long time. We finally decided to go to Nepal and brought the managed the ticket.

We were five in numbers and we have never experienced trekking in our life before. So, we were thinking about going with an agency. We got an agency from Kathmandu, Nepal which managed everything for us from the guide to the transportation.

Finally, we landed at the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) safely. As soon as we get there, we became speechless with the stunning view of enormous and huge mountains. All of us were never been so close to the nature in our life before.

We have trekked in the nearby areas for three days. We were tired but we couldn’t stop ourselves from exploring the next. After the tour of five days in Nepal, all of we admitted that it was an adventure of the lifetime for us.

Trekking in Nepal – 3 tips for you

Trekking in Nepal is awesome but that is hard and risky too. Once you will get there, you may scare about the huge and enormous mountains. Here are some tips for you to observe while you are trekking at Nepal:

One thing that will help you the most is that the pre-knowledge about Nepal. While we were in Nepal we didn’t have any prior knowledge about the country. For this reason, we have to go through some problems. Especially we have no idea about Nepalese food and what to eat and where to eat.

Remember to bring a face mask with you while visiting Nepal for trekking. Especially if you are visiting the mountains, the air will be thin and dry there. The mask will save you from inhaling the rough air and stay safe from fever, cough and related health issues.

There are people of different beliefs in Nepal. Most of them believe in Buddhist and Hinduism. When you are visiting ancient places, you have to have respect for their belief. Doing something disobeying about their belief, they will not take it easy.

When you are going through Kathmandu, we may feel uneasy with the overpopulation and pollution’s. You have to deal with this uneasiness for a while as you are going to get the best enjoyment of your life after this. Click to learn more about trekking in Nepal.

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