I’m glad to welcome you to my travel website. My name is Lilina, I’m 30 years old and, as you might think, I like to explore this great and incredible world. I was born in Kiev in Ukraine and I was here and worked during my travels. I’m sorry that English is far from perfect, but I hope you do not really care about it and find your articles and stories interesting and informative.

I know that many people are not interested in the stories of unknown travelers. It is very boring to read long texts about this and that.
I will try to avoid too many unnecessary details and insert as many images as possible (the pictures are sometimes informative, I know).
I just want to share my experiences and feelings with those who are looking for such information.

Over the past 10 years, I have been traveling with my beloved friend named Sergius. To be honest, it was the one who loved me to travel. At the beginning we traveled by train through our country, Ukraine. I love castles, especially ruins. So we will explore Ukraine close and far with the persecution of new castles and ruins.

I hope that in the future I will write about each of our ways, both in Europe and in Asia.

I would like to answer your questions about my travel experiences. Ask questions in the comment below! It can also help other travelers!

If you would like to share some suggestions with me, please contact me